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Effectively cleans pipe, bong, Rig, Piece, trimmer, or rosin press. A natural, organic cleaning alternative that is cheaper than ISO alcohol-using tools. 50 BONG cleanings per bottle! Clean a one-hitter in 15 seconds!


Our natural cleaner is made from organic plant, fruit, and nut oils, acids, and enzymes that are specifically formulated to be odorless, tasteless, inert, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal, yet still wholly edible!


Our natural plant-based formula is 100% safe for you and our environment. Resin is sticky, our cleaner works in harmony with nature to change resin on a molecular level, so it is no longer sticky. It is easily wiped or washed away, just like any mess. This is highly effective. A squirt cleans almost anything using our tools. That’s cheaper and FASTER than isopropyl alcohol.


It comes with brushes in multiple diameters and up to 16” reach. Also includes the Canna Mag magnetic bong scrubbing tool with two shuttles; one is powerful and tiny to fit in tubes or percolators. All the tools you need for that tough-to-clean bong.

Natural Resin Remover

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