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Taking a Stand Against Diabetic Financial Exploitation: The Urgent Need for Legislation in MA.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Original post June 29th, 2023 *UPDATED* September 2023

Urgent Need for Legislation in MA
Urgent Need for Legislation in MA

Today is a huge and emotional day. After working in traditional medicine for many years, in 2015, I became a victim of it. After receiving the flu shot, which triggered late-onset type 1.5 diabetes in my body, I have struggled with the ramifications of getting immunized.

More so, as a healthcare advocate and patient, I have watched myself and other diabetic patients struggle with the surmounting costs of not only insulin and other diabetic medications but also the testing supplies and medical equipment needed for basic daily living.

Massachusetts, it’s time we tell Big Pharma, our government, and the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) that we will no longer stand by and allow them to pillage and financially capitalize off the patients who suffer from this devastating disease. We will no longer accept a 1,000+ markup on diabetic products.

Frederick Banting was the physician and researcher who discovered insulin in 1923. As a medical professional, he found it unethical to put his name on the patent and profit from a discovery that would save countless individuals from suffering a painful death. Banting's co-inventors, James Collip and Charles Best, sold the patent for insulin to the University of Toronto for a mere $1 to keep insulin affordable for patients.

It’s truly disturbing the number of calls I get from diabetics who have to ration insulin and have lost their limbs all because they have to choose between food and shelter or medicine for their illness.

It’s time to set the tone for our state and our great nation, as no one should be left unable to afford the necessary tools for daily diabetic living.

I want to personally thank State Representative Jay Barrows, Legislative Aid Alex Movsesian, and Representative Barrows entire office for their support in getting my Bill edited and filed. More importantly, for listening to me and genuinely hearing the needs of the diabetic community.

The reality is everyone reading this most likely has a friend, a family member, a spouse, or someone close to them who suffers from or has passed due to this devastating disease. For your family, for your friends, and for those who suffer daily from this illness, please share this and call your local representative office and/or email them and ask them to support Bill HD.4409, now Bill H.4068, An Act relative to diabetic financial protection, assistance, and additional healthcare coverage. Their support will help the diabetics of our Commonwealth make this terrible illness a little more tolerable.

Thank you all for reading my long post and for your love and support now and always.

Much Love and Appreciation,

~Julie Ann Mejia

CEO and Founder of Holistic Hemp Solutions

Don’t know how to find your rep? You can find out here:

Diabetic Exploitation Diabetic Exploitation Diabetic Exploitation

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